South Australian Tree of the Year Competition – 2022

Welcome! This is your opportunity to share your favourite trees by nominating them in the inaugural 20 Metre Trees South Australian Tree of the Year Competition! This competition will showcase some of the amazing trees that South Australia has, from suburban backyards to our parks and regional areas.


Fred O'Mallee

The 2022 Winner

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This beautiful Red Mallee (Eucalyptus oleosa) has been chosen by you, as our 2022 Tree of the Year. This character tree was a clear community favourite, coming in some 41 votes ahead of the competition!

"Fred O'Mallee" as it is nicknamed can be found near Swan Reach Conservation Park on private property. According to the nominees, Fred Mallee is reportedly the largest mallee tree in Australia, at 19m in height with a canopy spread of some 29m.

It is estimated to be some 2,000 years old. You can find out more about this special tree here.

Thank you to everyone that nominated a tree and voted in this year's competition! There was such a wide variety of trees nominated from all over South Australia. Thank you as well to Craig Wilkins, Natasha Davis and Darren Peacock for choosing the top 24 trees.

20 Metre Trees

Last Year's Winner

This character Dingley Dell gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon subspecies megalocarpa) can be found in Port MacDonnell and was voted by you as the winner of the 2021 competition!

This sub species, has a larger nut than its smaller fruited 'cousins', found roughly 100km to the north. It is found in several forms of habit in the SE of South Australia, from prostrate along cliff tops, to tall and/or twisted. The one pictured, is colloquially known as the Port MacDonnell gum, found near the town of the same name, at the southern most point of SA. I am nominating this tree, as there aren't many mature examples of this tree left, due to the development of farmland in the area. The species is also South Australia's southernmost gum. She's twisted and beautiful, especially in the mottled light of a setting sun!